Meet Photon

A new method for integrating coding across the curriculum.

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A Complete Learning Ecosystem

Photon Teaching Kits from Eduscape

Photon is a robot - a robot for learning.

But it's more than that too.

The Photon Teaching Kits provide the complete learning ecosystem for cross-curricular work, engaging 21st century learning, and prepared lesson resources for teachers and support staff.

Photon for SEL

Social-Emotional well-being can be strengthened with Photon teaching kits.

Coding integrated into SEL lessons, activities, and research-based best practices.

Support student well-being as we come back together for the 2021-22 school year.

A robot for Pre-K-12 students with lessons that help them re-unite and re-connect in a post-Covid 19 world.

CASEL & Coding Together? Yes!

How Does Photon Help Social & Emotional Learning?

Watch the prerecorded webinar above to discover how Photon builds upon CASEL standards to integrate SEL into coding - across the curriculum.

Photon Features & How To

Here's a quick overview of the Photon Robot, which is only the starting place for the Photon Learning Ecosystem and Learning Kits. The videos below demonstrate the basic features of Photon including Photon EDU and the Magic Bridge.

Connecting to Mobile Device or Computer
Photon Sensors
How To Start Photon
Features and Sensors

Who Is Photon For?


More than a robot for every student. Photon increases student well-being as well as logical and computational skills.


With professional development from Eduscape and Photon Teaching Kits, Photon is for every classroom grades k-12.


Photon was created with psychologists, designed for independent learning of programming for children - even at home.

Student well-being  |  SEL  |  CODING

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Gain strategies and ideas you can use today!

Photon is More than a Robot

Photon is a complete solution for teachers

Photon is a complete solution for teachers, with no coding experience, through coding, computer science, and computational thinking to increase student achievement.

Photon Supports all Content Areas

Photon supports all content areas, offering teachers of all subjects, grade levels, and coding experience, the opportunity to use this fun and engaging tool to stimulate learning across the curriculum.

IncreasE Student Well-being

Join A Webinar to Learn More

Identify how coding and computational thinking skills are related to social-emotional learning.
Explore how social-emotional wellbeing can be strengthened with coding exercises.