Photon is the new ally in student learning – science, programming, logical reasoning, special education, and social and emotional learning.

Photon is a robot and learning system for classrooms, guidance counselor offices, and homes.

How Do I Teach Programming with Photon?

Photon works with many programming platforms that work with your computer, interactive whiteboard, a Magic Dongle, the Photon Magic Bridge, and it uses programming such as Scratch, Javascript, or Python.

Does Photon Do More Than Programming?

Yes, it’s a robot and a learning ecosystem. There are numerous kits that address curricular areas and student needs. Additionally, counselors find Photon to be a valuable resource when building SEL competencies with students.

What age groups or grade levels is Photon best suited for?

Developed by the best experts and teachers. Created to ensure the highest quality of education for children from preschool age to high school youth.

Where can I purchase Photon?

Photon is only available through exclusive Photon distributors. Contact us to discuss purchasing options.

What are the Photon Learning Kits?

We are continually developing new Photon Learning Kits including topics such as Social-Emotional Learning, Physics, Robotics & Coding, and many more.

What is the Social Emotional Learning Kit?

The Social-Emotional Learning Kit features a set of activities to support the social-emotional development of children and help students engage in dedicated activities, learn more effectively, and gain new skills.

What is the Sustainable Energy Kit?

The Sustainable Energy Kit includes lesson scenarios that help develop environmental awareness and sensitivity, demonstrate positive models and behaviors, and motivate students to take pro-environmental actions.

What is the Special Education Kit?

The Special Education Kit was created to provide a resource where learners can receive remedial therapy and support in a small group setting.

What is the Physics Teaching Kit for Photon?

The Physics Teaching Kit contains lesson plans, dedicated accessories, and a bespoke app for any teacher to carry out engaging scientific experiments with a single click.

We encourage you to learn more about Photon and the Photon Teaching Kits to discover how they will benefit your students!